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About Dave McNally

"...your ability to see - that's the whole job of the painter." - Charles Hawthorne

Artist and alpinist, Dave McNally resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois he studied art at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art. After school, he left the city behind and relocated to Jackson, in the early 80’s. He began a new life pursuing his passions of painting and mountaineering. He has a close connection to nature, the mountain environment and the people that live there. This serves as the inspiration for his art.

In 1988 he was invited to join the WYOMING CENTENNIAL EVEREST EXPEDITION as expedition artist. This proved to be a very rare opportunity since explorers stopped relying on artists to record their expeditions with the advent of the camera. He accepted with enthusiasm and documented the trip in oil paint. This event changed the course of the artist’s journey and made it possible to combine his passions into a way of life.

Today he is a veteran of mountaineering expeditions to some of the highest peaks around the world. In conjunction with his art he has worked as the Ski Patrol Director at SNOW KING MOUNTAIN and an EXUM MOUNTAIN GUIDE, both in Jackson Hole. He also operated ROCKY MOUNTAIN MARTIAL ARTS, teaching the Okinawan style Isshin Ryu karate. Eventually all of these endeavors lead him to create his own Himalayan guide service, MOUNTAIN ODYSSEY TREKS & EXPEDITIONS. The word ODYSSEY means an epic journey and that is what Dave has had thus far.

Today his focus is less on guiding as he plans to spend more time on painting expeditions, exploring the peaks and valleys of the world’s mountain ranges and the colorful people who live in them. He is a participant in the “Western Visions Miniature Show” at the NATIONAL MUSEUM of WILDLIFE ART and a member of PORTRAIT SOCIETY of AMERICA.

Dave McNally
"I am well again. I came to life in the cool winds and the crystal waters of the mountains." - John Muir